Setting up

computer server & data centers

in Dubai and Oman



  1. Installation, commissioning and adjustment of HO-DELL-SUP servers
  2. Installation and configuration of VMware esxi-Hyper-v machines
  3. Installation and configuration of the backup service
  4. Installation and setting up of data center data center

A computer server is a type of computer system that is designed to manage, store, process, and provide data, resources, and services to other devices or systems on a network. Servers are used in a variety of settings, including businesses, government organizations, educational institutions, and online services.

There are several types of servers, including web servers, application servers, database servers, file servers, and email servers, each of which performs a specific function to support the needs of the network. Servers can be physical computers or virtualized instances running on physical hardware or in the cloud.

Servers are typically more powerful and reliable than standard desktop computers, and they are built to handle the demands of serving multiple users and applications simultaneously. They are also managed and maintained by administrators who ensure that they are operating optimally and secure from cyber threats.

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