Setting up and implementing

surveillance and CCTV systems

in Dubai and Oman
  1. analogue
  2. Digital under the network

CCTV, or Closed Circuit Television, is a video surveillance system that captures and transmits video signals to a specific and limited set of monitors. The cameras used in a CCTV system can be fixed or mobile, and the signal transmission can be done through coaxial cables, wireless systems, or fiber optic cables. The monitors can be located at a central control room, or they can be distributed to different locations, such as security offices or guard stations.

CCTV systems are widely used in various settings, including homes, businesses, schools, government facilities, and public spaces. The main purpose of a CCTV system is to provide security and surveillance, allowing individuals to monitor their property and deter criminal activity. In addition, CCTV footage can be used for other purposes, such as tracking the movement of people and vehicles, monitoring and improving workplace safety, and assisting with investigations.

There are different types of CCTV cameras available, each designed for specific needs and environments. Some common types include dome cameras, bullet cameras, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, and infrared cameras. In addition, there are various factors to consider when selecting a CCTV system, such as the type of environment it will be used in, the size of the area being monitored, the level of detail required in the images, and the available budget.

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